The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions

Peaceable Kindgom Cushions Collection

Come and sit with me.

When life is rude and hard, you deserve some peace and calm, so come and sit with me in comfort.

Inspired by the pastoral creatures of the English countryside, The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions are organic and flowing and soft.

They are named after the celebrated work of the American folk painter Edward Hicks in which he brought all creatures, wild or tame, shy or brazen, predators and prey alike, to live together in harmony.

These lively luxuries are designed by Hugh Dunford Wood and printed by hand on organic Scottish linen from original lino blocks in the market town of Bridport, West Dorset.

The animals and birds depicted are constantly growing in number as the artist spies another subject on his walks along the Undercliff, or beside the River Axe. Some are only dreamt of, or imagined, but most are drawn from life.

So come and sit with me, whether I am a Badger, or a Squirrel, or an Owl with my twenty four suppers – come and sit comfortably in The Peaceable Kingdom.


Purchasing Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions

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Wholesale Orders

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Cat Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Cat

The Cat sleeps much of the day as the spirit of place, being silently supportive by her very presence and companionship.

She combines a high degree of sensuality with a profound nature. However she is extremely independent, so it is impossible to own a cat. She may allow you to take care of her and give her love, but only on her terms. The Cat comes and goes as and when she wants to. She is the secretive guardian of the room she occupies.

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Badger Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Badger

The Badger sees the world in black and white. He is bold and fiercely independent. Pound for pound, the Badger is the most assertive creature in the British countryside and completely fearless in his fight for what he wants.

He is nocturnal, aggressive, fierce, solitary, and tenacious. Place him with care, for once he has found his place, he is not easy to move because he will “dig in” and fight to stay where he wants to.

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Owl Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Owl

The Owl is solitary, mysterious and quick witted. At night she is a hoot. The Owl can see that which others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom. She is wise with this ability to see what is happening around her. Where others are deceived, the Owl sees and knows what is there.

You will see that this Owl is surrounded by 24 mice – that’s more than three weeks’ of suppers. She will bring you good fortune.

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Squirrel Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Squirrel

The delicate Squirrel takes life less seriously than most. She is an amazing acrobat, finding her balance in play. She is a great planner, saver and organizer.

Unfortunately she recovers only 10% of the nuts she hides for a rainy day, but hey, it is not that important to her, but it is for us, for the consequences are that new generations of trees and plants sprout from all the seeds and nuts buried and forgotten in the soil by the Squirrel.

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Hare Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Hare

The Hare brings good fortune and abundance. She offers good fortune as the lusty harbinger of spring and she has a close relationship with the moon, which is why she is connected to Easter.

The hare is associated with good fortune, sexuality, lasciviousness, lust and procreation for she is unusually fertile, as she can conceive while already pregnant, and is able to produce up to 42 young a year.

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Hedgehog Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Hedgehog

The Hedgehog is an interesting nocturnal creature. He can run at 6 km/h; can climb walls, trees and fences. He can swim (and often does so to rid himself of ticks). He has up to 700 hard sharp quills and famously rolls into a ball to protect himself and he it has a natural resistance in his blood to snake venom, so he really knows how to look after himself.

You can share some of these qualities to land on your feet and face challenges with the same cool calm practicality of the Hedgehog.

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Fox Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Fox

The Fox is one of our wildest creatures. She outwits predators and prey alike by her camouflage and shape shifting invisibility, a trickster; she knows the woods intimately, lying low in other’s earths until she goes a-hunting.

She is beautiful, quick thinking and passionate, focused and tightly aimed when stalking her prey.

She’s a devoted mother; she mates for life and has an eerie, rasping cry at the sound of which all other creatures fall silent.

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Frog Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Frog

The Frog Prince was born in water and grew to live on dry land. He sings songs that celebrate these early watery beginnings.

He is never bogged down, but is a miracle of change, transformation and magic. Just as he emerges into full life, so he will awaken your creativity.

Look at the frog’s life cycle to know what stage you have reached on this scale between a tadpole and a prince.

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Lovers Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Lovers

The goddess of love brokered this deal to ensure that all lovers are young at heart, no matter what their age.

"The gods do not subtract from the given span of lovers' lives the hours spent in kissing."

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Fisherman Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Fisherman

Tired of the one that got away, this fisherman humbly wishes for an honest brag.

"Lord suffer me to catch a fish so large that even I In talking of it later shall have no need to lie!"

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Swan Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Swan

The Gliding Swan is a royal bird, as all these beautiful birds are owned by the Queen of England.

The swan is one of the attributes of St Hugh, a symbol of transformation, beauty and grace, emotionally sensitive and empathic towards the feelings of others.

As swans mate for life, they are also a symbol of love and faithfulness, and highly regarded by lovers.


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Chicken Cushion

Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions - Chicken

The Cock has earned his name - arrogant, colourful and demanding. He is a gentleman at heart. He find food for his hen, then stands back to keep guard. His reward comes by the half dozen.

He teaches us chivalry, sartorial elegance and self confidence. What he fails to explainthough is that old chestnut of the ckicken and the egg. Both of them certainly came before the cockerel.


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