About Peaceable Kingdom Cushions

Come and sit with me.

When life is rude and hard, you deserve some peace and calm, so come and sit with me in comfort.

Inspired by the pastoral creatures of the English countryside, The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions are organic and flowing and soft.

They are named after the celebrated work of the American folk painter Edward Hicks in which he brought all creatures, wild or tame, shy or brazen, predators and prey alike, to live together in harmony.

These lively luxuries are designed by Hugh Dunford Wood and printed by hand on organic Scottish linen from original lino blocks in the market town of Bridport, West Dorset.

The animals and birds depicted are constantly growing in number as the artist spies another subject on his walks along the Undercliff, or beside the River Axe. Some are only dreamt of, or imagined, but most are drawn from life.

So come and sit with me, whether I am a Badger, or a Squirrel, or an Owl with my twenty four suppers – come and sit comfortably in The Peaceable Kingdom.

Purchasing Peaceable Kingdom Handmade Cushions

We have an add to cart shop system, so choose your handmade cushion in the design and colours you desire. Postage is £4.85 for UK buyers, European buyers will be charged £10 per cushion and  International Cushions will be charged £24.50 per cushion – sorry but they are rather large to post.

You will be notified if we are out of stock of any colour, and be given the opportunity to choose another colour. Alternatively you will be given a later delivery date. All cushions are 14 x 21 inches and filled with a feather pad. They are also available without a filling if requested.

Each cover is printed by hand from a Lino block. This gives them each their own character and print variations. We enjoy these reminders that it is a handmade product but please be aware of this before ordering.

If you would like to contact us, either for a chat, to discuss a wholesale order or for a custom job then please email or ring Jess on 07779008856.

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